+What is Servistore?
Servistore provides secure storage solutions with high availability and high level of service to businesses and individuals, who need to rent storage/warehousing for short or long periods. All our facilities are temperated to make sure that you as a customer will find your things in the same condition as when you left them.
+What level of security does a Servistore facility have?
Safety is Servistore's hallmark. All the storage spaces are personal, secluded and robust. As a customer you will receive an access card with code, as well as your own key to your unit. Servistore is always video-monitored and equipped with intrusion alarm, around the clock – all year round.
+When do I as a customer get access my storage space?
As a customer, you have access to your storage/garage around the clock, all year. With our high level of security, you as a customer can feel completely safe in our spaces, no matter when you visit us.
+What is the minimum rental period allowed?
Our stores are rented with a minimum period of one month, but without any upper limit. You lease your storage/warehouse as long as the need exists.
+I have lost my card/key/tag, what should I do?
Immediately contact Servistore's staff and we will help to resolve the situation quickly and smoothly.
+Will my belongings be insured by you?
No. We have liability insurance for our business and its content, but we do not insure individual goods. It is the responsibility of each customer to take out their own insurance. Usually this is included in a regular home insurance policy.
+How do I cancel my contract?
All notices must be received by us in writing. All cancelled contracts will be terminated at the end of a month. Cards and keys should be provided to Servistore before the end of the month. Should the last day of the month be a Sunday, the cards and keys must be submitted on the Friday (the last workday of the month).
+How long is the period of notice?
Storage rental cancelation submitted on the 15th of a month, as at the latest, will be terminated no earlier than the last working day of the same month. Thus, the notice period is short, in order to offer flexibility to our customers.
+How fast can I gain access to a storage space?
Subject to availability, you can get rental stores on the same day as requested.
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