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Storage for companies

Our storages are suitable for consumer as well as business. For business use however we have a number of additional services that you can use. Access is as easy for business as consumer; book online and access when it suits you or contact us for booking and personal access. Do you have several sellers who have different needs, so we tailor services, keys and more after this.

Add service

Our standard business services include day-to-day delivery of goods (SMS), access to containers for combustible waste, archives, rental of furnishings, access to public spaces, office space, access to WC, parking spaces and more. There are, as mentioned, a number of services you can use, everything is billed for use.

Example - Sales

Sellers are a very common customer type. The warehouse is used efficiently for goods samples, expo materials and more. Daytime we usually help with frequent deliveries and notify regular customers. Contact us for more information.

Example - Real estate

We help property companies (large and small) together with Servistik to evacuate and store homes and other local areas when they are to be renovated for a shorter or longer period. We have long experience of managing complex and comprehensive assignments today. Contact us for more information.

Example - Carpenter

Craftsmen are a regular customer group, especially small businesses. The warehouse is used as a starting point in everyday life with space for desktops, tools and more. Contact us for more information.