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Self Storage: Linköping

Self storage in Linköping

We have an industry-unique solution where you as a customer can book their supplies 24 hours a day online. When paying directly, access can be made within a matter of minutes. Key delivery is done using modern technology and high security. We still have this solution if we can offer Sweden.


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All our supplies are available 24 hours a day in rooms that are video-monitored inside and out and alarmed. With us, you can always feel safe. The warehouse is rented as long as the need exists. If you need to change size, we will help you quickly and easily.

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Digitization of Servistore is high, but it is also our customer service! If you need to get in touch with us, we have phone hours Monday to Sunday, but we also make personal access to supplies instead of bookings online. The question is just how you want to access? We have the solution no matter how.

Local facilities

Self storage

Reasons to rent a store can be many, but whatever the need looks, we have the solution for you. In Linköping we have storage facilities in three different geographical locations on an area of over 10,000 sqm! Choose a location that suits you best. It's easy to get started and you rent as long as it suits you.

Benefits with Servistore

The benefits of renting at Servistore are several. Its storage room is available 24 hours a day and the security of all facilities is very high with 24-hour alarms and camera surveillance inside and out. We have phone calls the weeks around and can help you when questions arise.

Business solutions

A large part of our customers consist of companies. Our premises are perfect for the smaller storage with the possibility of office, kitchenette, WC and more. There is a wealth of additional services that companies have the opportunity to use. Dagid we help with deliveries and keeps you informed.

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Secure storage
Servistore opened in 2006 Linköping's first self-storage facility. Here we offer private individuals and companies smart storage solutions between 1-50 sq.m. At present, Servistore is represented in three different locations in Linköping - Jägarvallen, Tornby and Köpetorp.

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Access to storage can take place when it suits you - book online and access directly (the service is available 24 hours a day) or book a personal time with us where we meet at the store. What suits you?


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Self storage Jägarvallen

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Jägarvallen is our latest and also the second facility we open in our Premium segment. In addition to the usual features of all Servist's facilities; High security level with alarm and camera surveillance, heated rooms and access 24 hours a week, you'll also find Servist's own modern technical solution for do-it-yourself download of keys, a relaxation area, music and information tv.

The interior was completed in June 2017, which means that the premises and all storage facilities are in top condition! At Servistore, we also know that all customers have unique needs, and therefore, all stores in both shape and size vary within size ranges of about 1.5 sq.m. to 30 sq.m. What size is right for you?

Self storage Tornby

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Our Tornby facility is included in our StandardPlus segment and is also our main facility where we have staff during office hours. Here you can personally buy moving materials, get help with sizes and sign agreements. The facility is located on Gillbergagatan 22, just next to Tornbyvägen, with large, visible signs and good bus communications. Of course there are plenty of p-places.

The plant is a total of about 3000 sqm large and holds almost 350 unique stores in sizes of 2 sqm to 40 sqm. Welcome to us, we invite you to a cup of coffee and tell you more!

Self storage Köpetorp

Bild p? Servistore i Kopetorp, Link?ping
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The facility in Köpetorp is located within our Economy segment and houses our largest warehouse. With sizes in the range of 8 sqm to about 40 sqm, this is the facility for you with the slightly bigger needs, since the average size of the stores is considerably larger than in our other facilities.

Another unique feature of this establishment is that we offer 15 heated garage with own entrance from the outside of the building. As always at Servistore, we also offer high security with camera and alarm monitoring, hot and dry rooms, as well as access 24 hours a day. Welcome!

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