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Servistore was started in October 2006 as a local actor in the self storage industry in Linköping. We had the previous experience of traditional storage, where one can say in a perspective that self storage is a modern form of magazineization. Today we are represented in five cities with a total of nine different facilities. Servistore AB is a privately-owned company and is part of the Black Pond Group, based in Linköping.

What do we do?

Self storage is a safer form of storage with high flexibility and accessibility aimed at both private and business. Servistore offers 24-hour availability without sacrificing security and also makes it very good conditions. We believe it should be easy to use our services in the short and long term - regardless of the stage in life you are in.


By 2016, we launched as the first operator in Sweden what we consider to be the next generation of self storage. The starting point for this is that, as a customer, you should have the opportunity to book, pay and access stores 24 hours a day - regardless of whether staffed stores are open or not. In the future, we will also be able to offer complementary services near the home. We are convinced that modern self-storage will play an increasing role in many Swedish homes in the future.


We invest a lot of capital and time to grow in the coming years. Growth will continue to occur primarily organically, both in existing but also new locations, but we are also open to the acquisition of well-managed businesses within our segment. In the long term, we will position ourselves as a strong player with geographical breadth and clear recognition of concepts and culture. The starting point for our work is to create good relationships and positive customer experiences.


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Adress: Box 426
  581 04 Linköping   
Phone: 010 - 214 78 00
Mail: info@servistore.se
Billing questions: ekonomi@servistore.se
Corporate number: 556621-9688